Sunday, October 18, 2009

125 Etsy finds for under $125 Part 2

20. Filigree Brass and Glass Rose Intaglio Necklace (Fair Is The Rose) Katofmanycolors $35.00 USD by Katofmanycolors

19. Delicates - Little Holland Locket Necklace $20.00 USD by TheSilverDog

18. sale - farrah meets knock on wood, heart style $125.00 USD by lovinganvil

17. Round double-paned hinged glass locket - handmade - LARGE and BEAUTIFUL $29.50 USD by ParAmourDesign

16. SALE twisted oak / keyhole series necklace $23.20 USD by UnderGlass

15. Dark Night - ring made of merino wool and satin - FREE SHIPPING $26.00 USD by dagmarabuczek
14. Arizona $35.00 USD by (shut up - it's my blog I can do whatever I want to, lol) tmpasnak
If you send me a message on Etsy and mention this blog I will knock $10.00 off of the price of this ring! This is an offer that lasts as long as the Arizona ring is in my Etsy shop. How's that for a deal?!
13. Sunny Yellow Ring $80.00 USD by sweetlifespiral

12. Eye pin in black $70.00 USD by margauxlange

11. Gravity Limited Edition $25.00 USD by DesiCloe


  1. This is such a great idea - I love all your finds here :)

  2. Thank you so much for including my art in your beautiful selection! :)