Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Update and Upcoming Entries

I have been busy moving, looking for a job and all sorts of other things but I am going to make more of an effort to post an entry every couple of days...hopefully.
Whats New:
I moved back to Edmonton! A decision I am very happy with; don't get me wrong, Vancouver is awesome but E-town is my home and I am happy to be here. Happy, happy, happy.
I won third place in Western Canada Fashion Week's emerging designer contest. Photos will be up soon. I had the best runway model ever: Nyla Stormy, and I will be using her for the Free Photo Shoot that I won!
I am a winner who is also, ironically, unemployed. Bleh. Apparently the unemployment rate in Alberta is the highest it's been in over ten years or something crazy like that.
Whats Coming Up:
  • Photos; WCFW, special projects, etc
  • Book Reviews; mostly sewing and tailoring
  • DIY projects
So keep checkin' back,


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My Favorite Pattern Drafting Tip

There are few things in life I hate more than adding seam allowance to a pattern; measure 1cm, mark, move along the pattern, measure 1cm, mark, move along the pattern, draw a line joining all the marks. Blah. I hate it, especially measuring around curves. So here is a trick that I discovered: find something circular that has a radius of the same measurement as your intended seam allowance (like a penny, or a wheel off a toy etc.) and if it doesn't already have one drill a hole in the center big enough for the tip of your pencil. Now, if you got the hole dead center, when you run the wheel along a ruler with a pencil in the hole you get a perfect seam allowance!

Trisha 1

Pattern Drafting 0


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

125 Etsy finds under $125 Part 3

25. SALE - Recycled Skateboard Earrings - Style A300 - Large $16.00 USD by 2ReVert

24. Sterling Silver and Resin Charm Bracelet $40.00 USD by metalsgirl

23. DANGER Will Robinson Cork Necklace Uncorked In Test Tube $18.00 USD by uncorked

22. ON SALE Nice Pear Sterling Silver Ring/Pendant $75.00 USD by ashhilton

21. Shimmery Blue Notebook $7.00 USD by jovencio

Sunday, October 18, 2009

125 Etsy finds for under $125 Part 2

20. Filigree Brass and Glass Rose Intaglio Necklace (Fair Is The Rose) Katofmanycolors $35.00 USD by Katofmanycolors

19. Delicates - Little Holland Locket Necklace $20.00 USD by TheSilverDog

18. sale - farrah meets knock on wood, heart style $125.00 USD by lovinganvil

17. Round double-paned hinged glass locket - handmade - LARGE and BEAUTIFUL $29.50 USD by ParAmourDesign

16. SALE twisted oak / keyhole series necklace $23.20 USD by UnderGlass

15. Dark Night - ring made of merino wool and satin - FREE SHIPPING $26.00 USD by dagmarabuczek
14. Arizona $35.00 USD by (shut up - it's my blog I can do whatever I want to, lol) tmpasnak
If you send me a message on Etsy and mention this blog I will knock $10.00 off of the price of this ring! This is an offer that lasts as long as the Arizona ring is in my Etsy shop. How's that for a deal?!
13. Sunny Yellow Ring $80.00 USD by sweetlifespiral

12. Eye pin in black $70.00 USD by margauxlange

11. Gravity Limited Edition $25.00 USD by DesiCloe

125 Etsy finds for under $125 Part 1

11. Motor Agate (Fordite) and Sterling Silver Ring- 1049 $72.00 USD by Fordite

10. Treasure Box Ring $115.00 USD by QuercusSilver

9. Sea Foam $110.00 USD by jasminescott

8. Green Gold stainless steel oval ring OOAK $65.00 USD by arosha

7. It's raining- Slider Pendant-sterling silver $45.00 USD by mujoyas

6. Signature Ring Green $74.00 USD by MinterandRichterDes

4. Resin Ring - Large $125.00 USD by ahnaadair

3. Ruby resin and sterling resin pierced heart box pendant $100.00 USD by

2. Dj Ring $72.00 USD by Fordos

1. My mechanical heart, Circus Burlesque edition $75.00 USD by SarahLynneDesigns