Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Update and Upcoming Entries

I have been busy moving, looking for a job and all sorts of other things but I am going to make more of an effort to post an entry every couple of days...hopefully.
Whats New:
I moved back to Edmonton! A decision I am very happy with; don't get me wrong, Vancouver is awesome but E-town is my home and I am happy to be here. Happy, happy, happy.
I won third place in Western Canada Fashion Week's emerging designer contest. Photos will be up soon. I had the best runway model ever: Nyla Stormy, and I will be using her for the Free Photo Shoot that I won!
I am a winner who is also, ironically, unemployed. Bleh. Apparently the unemployment rate in Alberta is the highest it's been in over ten years or something crazy like that.
Whats Coming Up:
  • Photos; WCFW, special projects, etc
  • Book Reviews; mostly sewing and tailoring
  • DIY projects
So keep checkin' back,


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